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One of the activities that Barbershoppers love to do most is to sing in a quartet!  This allows four people to sing together, with each person taking one of the 4 harmony parts (tenor, lead, baritone, and bass).  

In order to account for the wide variety of vocal ranges, there are typically three types of quartets:

  • Bass quartets for the lower voices

  • Mixed quartets for those quartets with both low and high range singers

  • Treble quartets for higher voices.

The following are the active quartets associated with the Arlingon Chapter of BHS!

Mixed Messages Barbershop Quartet

Tenor:  Alina Bogovic

Lead: John Reece

Baritone:  Paula Reece

Bass:  Todd Minners

Mixed Messages is a mixed quartet and we started singing together in February 2020, right before the pandemic hit. Some of our members are fairly new to barbershop harmony while others have been singing most of their lives.  We have a lot of fun together and sing everything from Disney, to Broadway to more classic Barbershop tunes.  We also love to include our furry friends in our practices!

Mixed Messages at the Arlingtones' 2022 Fall Show

Holiday Chorus: About

Meet Oscar, our newest lead singer!

Proving anyone can sing lead!

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No Note Left Behind

Tenor:  Miriam Heller
Lead: Erica Krasienko
Baritone:  Tom Wiener
Bass:  Greg Christian

NNLB at the BHS 2022 International Convention!

NNLB at the Arlingtones' 2022 Fall Show

A mixed quartet—diverse in gender and generation, experience and education, values and vocation—we share a love of singing and song. We found our voices and friendship in the Arlingtones Chorus and realized we needed more ringing chords in our lives. Our repertoire spans country to R&B, standards to rock, ballads to traditional barbershop, and show tunes to pop—and regardless of what we sing, there's No Note Left Behind.

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The Bombshells

Tenor:  Alina Bogovic
Lead:  Erica Krasienki
Bari: Selena Gansecz
Bass:  Paula Reece


The Bombshells, an all-female quartet coming out of the Arlingtones Chorus.  While these ladies may be some of the younger members of the chorus, they all share the same love for the classic sound of barbershop!  From modern arrangements with a retro flair to vintage classics, the Bombshells are a delight in any era!

The Bombshells at the Arlingtones' 2022 Fall Show!

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